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Poster: LAJ Date: Nov 14, 2005 11:56am
Forum: netlabels Subject: JEFF SURAK: Difficult Music Defined

Active in the experimental music scene for over two decades as solo artist working under various names and as a member/collaborator with other projects/artists, Jeff Surak’s efforts both as an artist and as label operator [Zeromoon] have helped to define, develop, and promote the experimental music genre. Whether the compositions be bizarre manipulations of tape/CD/vinyl, surreal collages of sounds, electro-acoustic experiments, improvised post-industrial soundscapes, enveloping drones, or harsh noise, this is music for difficult listening defined.

I spent the evening listening to a re-issue of Ulrich Schnauss’s CD Far Away Trains Passing By in the background while trying to finalize this rather lengthy playlist which I’ve been tinkering with for over a month now. As much as I love the rich, beautiful, and structured ambient-techno of this CD, the contrast between its sounds and what follows made me appreciate even more the richness, depth, and abstract beauty that can be found in experimental music.

Hopefully, errors/omissions are at a minimum.

Major projects/collaborations:

-1348- [Jeff Surak]
New Carrollton [Jeff Surak + ? ]
v. [Jeff Surak, James Guggino]
Second Violin [Jeff Surak, Zan Hoffman, Adam Bohman, Rinus Van Alebeek]
Violet [Jeff Surak]
Vultrapia [Jeff Surak, Jorge Castro, Yann]
Critical [Jeff Surak, Andrey Kiritchenko, Jonas Lindgren]
Normal Music [Thomas Ekelund, Jeff Surak, Raphael Irisarri]

PLAYLIST [M3U attachment follows]:

1. -1348- - Diary of the Plague Years [Zeromoon] || “Theme (from Slow Walk)”

2. -1348- & John Hudak - The Idiot [Zeromoon] || Track 4 (untitled)

3. -1348- & John Hudak - Tacitus Journey [Zeromoon] || Track 3 (untitled)

4. -1348- - Six Girls In Search of a Heaven [Zeromoon] || Track05 (untitled)

5. New Carrollton - If He's an Ass Here, He Won't Be a Horse There [Zeromoon] || Track 1 (untitled)

6. New Carrollton - Split [Zeromoon] || “Greenline Symphony (in three movements)”

7. New Carrollton - That Was Really Great [Zeromoon] || “Hissing Black Lumps (live)”

8. New Carrollton - Static [Zeromoon] || Track 2 (live-7.8.89)

9. New Carrollton - Lust for Life [Zeromoon] || “Lust for Fairfax”

10. v. - chgt of x(or blue [Zeromoon] || Track 9 (untitled)

11. v. - Extant [Zeromoon] || “Sloboralovia”

12. v. - Armenia [Zeromoon] || “The Blisst of Destrinteau”

13. v. - Awrkid [Zeromoon] || “Melog”

14. v. - Pbpagarol Fiancees [Zeromoon] || Track 6 (untitled)

15. v. - På USA-Turnée 2002 [Zeromoon] || “Hardboll i badkar”

16. v. - stYe [Zeromoon] || Track 8

17. v. - la55 [Zeromoon] || Track 14

18. v. + Ultra Milkmaids - V/A- Zeromoon Sampler : An Explanation of Difficult Music || “Carton05”

19. v.iolet - Ack [Slapart] || “Moleg”

20. Violet - Let the Sunshine In [Zeromoon] || “Kwangmjonghoehle”

21. Violet - Desperate [Fukk God] || “Eastside87”

22. Violet - Sometimes in The Quietest of Moments... [Zeromoon] || “Playing in the Mud With the Sun on Your Back”

23. Violet - V/A: Constructions For Andrey Kiritchenko [Autoplate] || - -0

24. Violet + Bertrand Denzler - The Long March [Zeromoon] || “The Beach is Red”

25. Violet - V/A: Bias [Luumu] || “Priznak Svobodi”

26. Violet - Okraina EP [Con-v]

27. Violet Shifts (Jeff Surak and Frans De Waard ) [Zeromoon] - Resita Mold || “Square is Mobbed”

28. Second Violin - Hospital Fugue Of Mad Nurse [Zeromoon] || “Dinner Music on an Empty Stomach: Second Helping”

29. Second Violin - Victoria [Zeromoon] || “Signal666”

30. Critikal - STATE [Zeromoon] || Track 07 (untitled)

31. Critikal - Art is God's Gift [Fukk God] || “Spog”

32. Critikal - V/A - Zeromoon Sampler III: An Explanation of Difficult Music || “Fuselage”

33. Normal Music - Brev [Zeromoon] || “Porto”

34. Normal Music - Let's Do Really Strange Things And Call Them Normal [Autoplate] || “Migatory Patterns of Youth”

35. Normal Music - V/A - Zeromoon Sampler III: An Explanation of Difficult Music || “Fingerspitzenfuhl“

36. Normal Music - Generic [Zeromoon] || “The Subjective Array of Normality”

37. Vultrapia - Autopianotationalismasoschism EP [Autoplate] || “Patillas Sandwhich”

38. Vulltrapia - V/A - Zeromoon Sampler III: An Explanation of Difficult Music || “Garmonia”

39. Vultrapia - The Prostitution of Subjectivity [Fukk God]

40. Tube Alloys (Jeff Surak and Zan Hoffman )[Zeromoon]

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Poster: conv Date: Nov 15, 2005 12:32am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: JEFF SURAK: Difficult Music Defined

a very nice selection, Larry, and a complete profile of Jeff.
thanks very much for it. :)

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Poster: LAJ Date: Nov 15, 2005 1:28am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: JEFF SURAK: Difficult Music Defined

A pleasure and honor on my part.

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Poster: zeromoon Date: Nov 15, 2005 2:38am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: JEFF SURAK: Difficult Music Defined

The honor is all mine!

I deeply appreciate this Larry. thx.

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Poster: benekkea Date: Nov 16, 2005 12:12am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: JEFF SURAK: Difficult Music Defined

Jeff is one of my favorite artist.
Here is a review which i did for the one italian magazine. Is in Italian...

From Rosaselvaggia magazine xxix

'Electroschock' Rate 5/5

Violet, Normal Music, Second Violin, -1348- e New Carrolton sono solo alcuni dei nomi dietro ai quali si nasconde un'icona della sperimantazione d'avanguardia
noise-electronnica del web: Jeff Surak. Tre tracce per questo album che per quanto mi riguarda è immenso!Composizioni organiche che possono sembrare irrazionali
ed inquietanti usando strumenti semi-acustici (chitarre, bassi...), cassette, vinili, synths e manipolazioni di ogni tipo, i quali creano ambientazioni droniche, soft/noise, glitch, con crepitii e falsi silenzi profondi e desolanti. Fuori da ogni canone d'angoscia da voi mai conosciuta, le visinoi di Violet sono malate, distorte, confuse e offuscate dal dolore, e vi trascineranno in un baratro tantrico senza ritorno. Da ascoltare assolutamente e se volete di più su questo artista, la Zeromoon è la sua label 'ufficiale'. Sperimentazioni ambientali deliranti (Noctiluca/Benekkea)